Client : (Developer : Andrew Konoff)
「No More」は、SNSに表示されるさまざまな情報(通知アイコン、プロフィール欄、写真、文章など)をミュートするアプリです。この中で使用されるサムネイルイラストを描き下ろしました。
"No More" is an app that mutes various information displayed on SNS. I drew the thumbnail illustrations used in it.
The app has over 20 different types of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook support. features. Illustrations have been placed to visually communicate each function. I was responsible for three of them.
No More Tweeting (Twitterのツイートボタンを消す機能)
No More Notifications (Instagramアプリ内の通知をすべて消す機能)
No More Profile Info (Twitterのプロフィール欄を一部またはすべて消す機能)
Here is the rough draft.
At the meeting stage, they asked me to convey the function with a touch of humor.
Also, since it's a thumbnail, it needed to make a strong impression at first glance. I tried to make the people take the lead in the picture, rather than drawing the situation in detail.
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